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For many companies with shareholders, profits and losses play a major factor, if not the most important, in determining how the company is run. As such, many companies choose to form an S corporation (S corp) due to the tax benefits that this type of company enjoys. However, ensuring that your company remains eligible to be considered an S corp and understanding the many nuances that come with forming such a business can be difficult.

With the legal support of an experienced and skilled Texas S corp attorney at Slater Pugh, Ltd. LLP, you can evaluate the many legal and professional demands required of S corps in order to make the business formation decision that best suits your company. Call us to discuss forming an S corp and learn about how we work individually with each client to make sure their unique business needs are met.

Eligibility For S Corp Formation

Because of the tax benefits that shareholders within S corporations enjoy, not all companies are eligible to form such a business. Federal mandates require an S corp to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a limited liability company or a domestic corporation
  • May not have more than 100 shareholders (Families and spouses generally count as one shareholder)
  • May only have one stock class
  • Only valid U.S. citizens and residents who are natural people (not corporations or partnerships, with certain exceptions) can be shareholders
  • All losses and income must be shared appropriately according to ownership/share in the company

Whether you have questions regarding your eligibility, how to successfully form such a company, or what the benefits of an S corp are exactly, our team at Slater Pugh, Ltd. LLP, can provide you with answers and advice specifically tailored to your unique business situation.

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