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Important Aspects of a General Partnership

Forming a business can be exciting, and the Austin area is just the place to start up a new business enterprise. In particular, lots of people find that forming general partnerships is the best way to get their business started. This is largely due to the fact that a general partnership is easier to form than other types of businesses; however, there are still a number of complex business formation details and processes that need to be explored and considered first.

What a General Partnership Involves

There can be both benefits and drawbacks to forming a general partnership, so when you are thinking of forming a new business, it’s important to understand all important aspects. Some critical components of general partnerships include:

  • Profits — profits are most generally distributed equally between business partners
  • Assets — all assets owned by the company are equally shared by partners
  • Liability — every partner in a general partnership shares equal responsibility for any liability, including debts, losses, or problematic actions of other partners
  • Continuance — in the event of the death of a partner, sometimes continuance clauses can be established (prior to death) which allow a partnership or company to be continued

These aspects of a general partnership are important for any potential business owner to understand if he or she is thinking that a general partnership would be the best type of business for their budding company.

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