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Real Estate Law

Sometimes the guidance of an experienced real estate attorney can mean the difference between success and failure. Certainly, proper legal counsel can help you reduce risk and avoid pitfalls that threaten your commercial or personal undertaking.

At Adam Pugh, based in Austin, we understand the excitement, anxieties and opportunities inherent in real estate matters. We want our clients to enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that come with careful planning and proper execution of a deal.

Buying A Home Without A Realtor: Facilitating Cost Savings

Our firm saves clients significant money by circumventing the traditional home-buying process in favor of a leaner, tighter transactional strategy. In many cases, we eliminate the need for a realtor (and the often exorbitant fees they charge), taking care of closings, title-related matters, financing and more.

Residential Real Estate Transactions: Advising Homeowners

Adam Pugh, advises homeowners who are selling and buying properties. We provide guidance and representation regarding contracts (such as purchase agreements), disputes, clearing title and more. Our goal in residential real estate matters is to protect our clients from costly pitfalls and help them maximize their deals.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Buying, Selling And More

The purchase or sale of commercial property should never be taken lightly. Our firm provides counsel to buyers, sellers, investors and developers of commercial real estate in Texas.

Commercial Leases: Representing Landlords And Tenants

We provide practical representation to parties undertaking commercial leases. If you are a landlord, tenant or business owner, we can assist you in proactively dealing with your lease concerns.

Real Estate Disputes

The attorneys at Adam Pugh, are highly experienced at solving serious problems related to real estate, including contract and lease matters.

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