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Settling Disputes with Shareholders

A shareholder is a person, business, or other entity that has paid a specified amount of investment into a company, who owns a “share” of that company and who is subject to both profits and losses in that company. An agreement between a business and a shareholder in that business will have to be established with the addition of each new shareholder.

While a lot of these arrangements see no problems between shareholders and businesses, sometimes issues do arise that complicate this arrangement. Sometimes, even, shareholders decide to file a lawsuit against a company because they feel that they have been wronged. Settling these disputes with minimal legal delays can be very important for the company’s continued success.

Reasons for Lawsuits

Shareholders might accuse a business of any manner of actions that prompted the shareholders to file a lawsuit. For instance, the shareholder might say that a business engaged in:

  • Unlawful Behavior / Discreditable Action
  • Breach of Contract / Contract Violations
  • Giving False / Misleading Information to Shareholders
  • Illegally Altering a Contract / Terms

Any of these accusations could involve a business in a serious legal battle in which the business will have to settle the dispute. The best way to settle these disputes is to talk with an experienced business attorney about your situation.

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