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Corporate Counsel

The Austin corporate counsel attorneys at Adam Pugh understand that large corporations typically retain in-house counsel to provide consistent legal representation in all matters that may arise in the course of business. However, for small and even medium-sized corporations, this level of dedicated legal counsel is often not financially reasonable or needed, due to the lower volume of casework necessary; however, this does not mean that your company cannot enjoy the benefits that having in-house legal counsel often provides.

At Adam Pugh, our legal team has a wide range of experience handling business legal matters and has exhaustive understanding of the intricacies of corporate law, especially as it pertains to small and medium-sized businesses. As such, we can offer effective legal representation and counsel on a case-by-case basis, preventing the need for keeping an attorney on retainer at all times. To learn more about how your business can take advantage of our legal services without having an in-house legal representative, call an
Austin corporate counsel lawyer today.

Areas Of Corporate Law

While legal disputes and litigation are not altogether common occurrences in the normal operation of a business, there are a number of transactions, accounting, and management issues that require careful legal attention in order to protect the interests of the company and make sure it continues to run smoothly. The following are a few examples of the legal issues with which a corporate counsel attorney could assist your business:

  • Corporate bylaws
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Board minutes
  • Risk assessment
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Commercial real estate transactions

With skilled legal representation brought on to oversee and advise on these issues, you can feel secure that your company is adhering to the many legal requirements of maintaining a corporation, protecting you from potential litigation, and that your business is continuing to be successful.

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Virtually any corporation can benefit from the services of corporate counsel, and at Adam Pugh, our legal team strives to make effective legal counsel available on a case by case basis. For a free consultation with our experienced corporate counsel lawyers, call us today.

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