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Mergers, Acquisitions, Subsidiary Formation

Business mergers, acquisitions, and subsidiary formations are all common business practices, but there are still a number of complex legal steps that must be taken in order to finalize these decisions. In addition to the legal agreements created between the different companies, any brand-new or restructured corporation typically must create or at least update its corporate bylaws, contracts, procedures, and other legal documents.

Many businesses decide to undergo mergers, acquisitions, and sometimes subsidiary formations, and these different processes require specialized documents and negotiations. For help with your company’s business dealings, contact the experienced Austin mergers attorneys at Adam Pugh today.

Legal Requirements For Combining Companies

When choosing to form mergers, make acquisitions, and create subsidiaries, it is important to ensure that all legal aspects of these decisions are handled by well-qualified Austin acquisitions attorneys. This way, you can rest assured that your company’s actions are legally viable and will withstand any scrutiny. Some of the most important ways in which the legal team at Adam Pugh can help you include:

  • Creation or adjustment of corporate bylaws
  • Formation of contracts between co-owners
  • Creation of contracts dictating payment distribution
  • Outlining relationships and negotiations with shareholders
  • Assisting with any severance pay negotiations

No matter how small or large your business is, it is always best to have a dedicated legal representative on your side when undergoing mergers, acquisitions, or the creation of subsidies so that you can protect your rights and interests during this time.

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If you are considering a merger, acquisition, or subsidiary formation or have been approached about any of these topics, you should first consult with an attorney who can stand up for your company. For experienced help that you can trust with your business, contact the Austin subsidiary formation lawyers at Adam Pugh today.

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