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Owner-Financed Sale Of A Business

It starts out as a simple deal that seems to make sense to both sides. Financing the sale of your business can have win-win potential because it may seem easy without a middle man. But as with any important business matter, you should have proper advice before you pull the trigger — and you should definitely have collateral to protect yourself in case things go south.

How To Maximize The Deal When You Sell Your Company

Your business is valuable. You may have worked hard for years to build it. Get the smart legal counsel you need before you agree to sell it, even if the arrangement seems simple.

The business attorneys at Adam Pugh, based in Austin, Texas, have extensive experience with the sale of companies in multiple industries, including automotive, technology, software, retail, energy and more.

We can help you protect your interests and avoid problems by:

  • Making sure you have a well-drafted sales agreement (your contract)
  • Evaluating your market and assisting in the fair valuation of the business
  • Assisting you in negotiating the details
  • Addressing any disputes that may arise during the process

Our lawyers, David G. Slater and Adam Pugh bring deep legal knowledge and practical business savvy to our clients’ business matters. They can assist you in executing your seller-financed business deal.

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