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For companies that choose to file as C corporations, there are many benefits, largely related to the liability and growth of the company. However, forming such a company also comes with many tax and other business responsibilities which must be considered and addressed. Doing so with the support of a legal professional experienced and knowledgeable in forming a C corp can not only reduce your stress and frustration, but it can also help ensure that you follow the formation process as needed and make decisions that will not endanger your business.

At Adam Pugh, our team of Texas C corp lawyers is extremely familiar with the many facets and nuances of C corporations. As such, we are fully prepared to help you both understand the many intricacies of such a business and form the company according to your unique business needs. Call us at today to discuss your company’s specific business goals and needs with our legal team today.

Advantages Of C Corps

Although there are certain drawbacks of C corps, these types of companies offer a myriad of benefits as well, including the following:

  • Limited liability — shareholders, managers, employees, and others enjoy limited liability
  • Continuance — should a shareholder or owner leave the company, under whatever circumstances, the company does not have to stop running, but can continue under the management of others
  • Growth potential — a C corp allows for a company to have as many shareholders as it likes/needs and can enjoy unlimited growth through selling the company’s stocks

Depending on your company and situation, these benefits may make a C corp the perfect business model for you. Our legal team can explain in further detail the many facets of a C corp and help you decide if this is the best business entity for your needs.

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Your company is unique, so you need a business formation attorney who will help you establish a business entity that meets your unique needs and goals. With the legal assistance of an Austin C corp attorney at Adam Pugh, you can rest assured that you will have the guidance of a professional who is truly focused on your business needs and will take into account your individual situation. Call or write to us to discuss how we can help you with forming and running a C corp.

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