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Business Divorce

Business decisions are never “all business” — they can be very personal. Relationships and feelings can be hurt, particularly if you have been in business with friends or family members.

The term business divorce has become popular because it accurately describes what can happen in a business relationship that goes sour. Just as it is normal to feel sad, angry or betrayed when a marriage breaks down, it is not unusual to experience similar emotions when there is an erosion of trust between business partners.

Multiple Paths To Dispute Resolution

Sometimes business disputes call for legal advice. The attorneys of Adam Pugh, based in Austin, Texas, can help you make sense of your problem and find a solution that fits your situation. You may be encouraged to know that in business divorce situations, we have had success using many methods of dispute resolution. We can help you by:

  • Providing strategic advice about partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Negotiating with the other side
  • Representing you in a lawsuit, whether you are suing another party or being sued
  • Using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like mediation and arbitration
  • Addressing allegations of fraud, breach of contract or cheating by a partner and explaining how business torts work
  • Navigating the complicated challenges of family business
  • Walking you through the business dissolution process

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