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Partner And Shareholder Disputes

Many business problems emanate from unclear contracts — partnership agreements and shareholder agreements that are not drafted properly on the front end. Sometimes these agreements don’t contain language about exit strategies, definitive buy-sell components or other key ingredients that should be present in what we call a “prenuptial for business.”

Protect Your Interests With Experienced Counsel

To manage the risk inherent in pivotal business relationships or to solve a problem that has already come to fruition, you may need experienced legal guidance, particularly if you are struggling to resolve a conflict with a partner who is also a friend. Adam Pugh, based in Austin, Texas, can provide the advice you need.

Every situation is different. Attorneys David G. Slater and Adam Pugh can help you explore your options for ending a business relationship (business dissolution) with the least possible amount of damage. David and Adam can answer your questions about:

  • Collateral agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Equity issues
  • Shareholder agreements and partnership agreements
  • A small business that has outgrown its original structure
  • Legal agreements you should have going forward

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Sometimes business partners enter into a venture believing the effort will be balanced; they think everything will work out as each partner does his or her part. Dissatisfaction and resentment can build when one partner thinks another partner is not pulling his or her weight.

Adam Pugh, can help you address these challenges. Contact us for a free consultation about your business matter.

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