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Post-Judgment Collections

I Have A Judgment. How Do I Collect?

Sometimes a judgment is only as good as your ability to collect on it. If you are holding a judgment against a debtor, you may be unsure about what steps you need to take now.

What counts is actually getting your money. The commercial debt collection attorneys of Adam Pugh, can talk you through your legal rights and explain your options for reaching the outcome you want. We have extensive experience helping our clients get results, whether their judgments come from within Texas or from other states. We can answer your questions about:

  • What happens after you win a judgment or verdict
  • How long it may take to get your money
  • How contingency fees work
  • Collecting from dozens or hundreds of customers that haven’t paid

Texas has unique laws. It is known as being the hardest state to collect in — but there’s always something you can do to move your matter forward.

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As post-judgment collection attorneys, we are thorough, disciplined, technically knowledgeable and highly effective. Experience has shown us what to look for in debtors. We tell clients we have many tools at our disposal. Contact the Austin lawyers of Adam Pugh.

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