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Contract Review

Contracts are an essential component of businesses as they mandate the professional behavior that different people are responsible for in an interdependent relationship, such as those created for private and commercial businesses. From contracts for leasing office space to vendor and client contracts to employee contracts, the information and agreements these contracts contain are critical to ensuring that business runs smoothly and everyone knows what is expected of them. As such, reviewing contracts to ensure that they are legal and comprehensive, and to fully understand all parts of the contract is an important step in the process of establishing contracts.

Aspects Of Contracts

Contracts range in the coverage they provide, depending on the type of contract involved. During contract review, a legal professional will be checking important aspects of contracts for accuracy and comprehensiveness, including:

  • “Consideration” clause that establishes relationship
  • Offer and acceptance clause
  • Identification of capable parties involved
  • Mutual assent to terms of contract
  • Signature blocks
  • Any attachments / supplementary materials

In reviewing a contract for these and other critical components, you can rest assured knowing exactly what the contract stipulates and the demands that are placed on you and the other parties involved.

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