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Employment Manuals

Employment manuals and handbooks detail the rules and expectations for employees in a company, establishing the guidelines by which the work environment operates. Because of the extremely important role that employment manuals play in creating a healthy and functional workplace, it is critical that they be written with all considerations in mind and in full compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the company operates.

When writing your company’s employment manual, it is essential that you have experienced legal assistance to ensure that nothing interferes with the smooth functioning of your company’s operations. At Adam Pugh, our team of Austin employment manual attorneys understands exactly what it takes to help companies draft successful employment guidelines. Contact us today to learn about how we can help draft such agreements and protect you in the event that there is a disagreement regarding such company policies.

Our Practice Areas

At Adam Pugh, we have experience helping employers with a wide range of different issues regarding employment manuals, including the following:

  • Employee dress codes
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Promotion policies
  • Compensation plans
  • Employee confidentiality
  • Noncompete clauses
  • Employment manual revisions

Additionally, we can help defend companies against actions brought by their employees regarding issues relating to employment manuals.

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An effective employment manual is often essential to a company’s organizational success. Therefore, you need the help of an experienced attorney when drafting your employment manual to ensure that no detail is unaccounted for. Contact the employment lawyers at Adam Pugh, today to speak with our team about creating personalized employment manuals and documents for your company.

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