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Commercial Leases

A commercial lease defines an important deal. It cements a business to a particular location for a specified period of time. A good lease can frame opportunities and provide a springboard for future success; a bad lease can engender disaster for a tenant even when his or her business has incredible potential.

Practical Guidance Regarding Essential Issues

At Adam Pugh, in Austin, Texas, our attorneys represent and advise commercial landlords and tenants, as well as buyers and sellers of commercial real estate. Our commercial real estate practice is closely tied to our business law practice. As advisers with a holistic business focus, we can provide you with practical guidance before and after a lease has been signed, guidance that relates to:

  • Careful review of documents and negotiation of all aspects of contracts
  • Real estate purchase agreements
  • The purchase or sale of a business related to a property
  • Resolution of commercial lease disputes through negotiation, mediation, litigation or other means

Commercial leases should be approached in a thorough, mindful way. Success is often a function of good planning and the right relationships.

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