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Commercial Real Estate Transactions

A commercial real estate transaction is often loaded with bigger business themes. Your business may be housed in a property you are buying. You may be selling a business along with the property in which it is located. You may be undertaking the biggest deal of your life as you transact. It is essential for you to maximize your benefit and protect yourself from problems as you go into this.

Your Business, Your Property, Your Attorneys

At Adam Pugh, in Austin, Texas, we understand that there is no room for error in your transaction. Our lawyers are experienced in the successful execution of commercial real estate deals of all kinds. We are known for being thorough, service-obsessed and results-focused.

Attorneys Adam Pugh and David G. Slater are confident in their ability to rise to even the most complex real estate challenges because they do it all the time. Our firm’s holistic business experience helps us guide clients through:

  • The purchase and sale of businesses concurrent with the sale of real property
  • The drafting of detailed, error-free, airtight contracts that meet clients’ exact specifications
  • The acquisition of plants, manufacturing facilities and energy-related property
  • The negotiation and closing of commercial leases
  • Resolution of real estate disputes and disagreements
  • Title-related matters

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If you are buying a commercial property, selling a commercial property or leasing commercial space, get the legal advice you need. Talk to Adam Pugh, before moving forward. We offer a free consultation regarding real estate matters.

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