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Adam Pugh is a post-judgment receiver under the Texas Turnover Statute, Chapter 31 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. According to the Dallas Bar Association, a receiver is an officer of the court that maintains possession of a particular property for the court that appointed the receiver. Because a receiver is an agent of the court, a receiver must do what the court bids and serve as a disinterested third party in order to smooth over the transition of a property and represent all parties involved in the judgment, including creditors, owners, and shareholders. As the receiver must be a disinterested third party, no one already involved in a particular case, such as an attorney for said case, can be appointed a receiver for that case.

As the Dallas Bar Association further notes, the powers of a receiver include taking charge of a particular property and keeping it in their possession, compromising demands, receiving rents, making transfers, and any other duties concerning the property that have been appropriately authorized by the court. The situations that call for a receiver are dependent on the creditor winning the judgment, the defendant owning non-exempt property, and the property not being readily leviable by typical legal processes.

A receiver may be used in property cases with movable property, such as vehicles, furniture, and other personal property; immovable properties, such as real estate, land, and buildings; and intellectual property, such as domain names, contract rights, patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Receivers typically take their fees and expenses from what are collected, meaning their fee is made against the debtor as another cost of court. If you are in need of a receiver, please contact receiver and attorney Adam Pugh of Slater Pugh, Ltd. LLP at (512) 472-2431 today.

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