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I had to lay off several employees during an economic shortfall for my company, and I am now facing a discrimination lawsuit from one of the employees who was let go.
I'm looking to open a small business, but I'm not sure what business entity is right for my business plan and will best suit my interests as the owner.
We can help you with Business Formation and Startup Assistance.
My corporation has many legal needs with regards to a wide range of business issues, but our small company cannot afford full time in-house legal counsel.
We can help you with Corporate Counsel, Contract Law and Employment Law.
My company is currently being sued on the grounds of an alleged contract violation.
My company was contracted for our services, but we haven't received payment on services rendered from the client.
We can help you with Debt Collection and Contract Law.

Slater Pugh Ltd. LLP

Our attorneys recognize that today’s fast paced business world does not allow any company to waste valuable time and resources focusing on legal issues at the expense of business concerns. However, it is impossible for businesses to completely escape dealing with the range of different legal issues that inevitably arise in the course of doing business. In these circumstances, the assistance of a qualified legal professional can be essential to the successful resolution of legal issues without affecting a company’s operations.

At Slater Pugh Ltd. LLP, our Texas business lawyers are dedicated to working with our clients as closely as possible to ensure that their legal needs are fully satisfied and they continue to be profitable. If you are dealing with a contract dispute, debt collection concerns, or any other business law matter, our attorneys are not afraid to take your fight all the way to the courtroom. Contact our offices today at to speak with a qualified member of our legal team and learn more about how we can handle your business’ legal needs.

Our Practice Areas

In the world of business, there is a remarkably diverse range of legal issues that often need to be handled with finesse and care. At Slater Pugh Ltd. LLP, we are prepared to represent clients with any legal needs their business may have, including:

Regardless of what legal issues your business may be facing, you deserve an experienced, steady legal advocate who is not afraid to take your fight all the way to court to see that your company’s best interests are met, allowing you to focus on making your company as profitable as possible.

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If you have a legal issue involving your business, the assistance of a qualified legal representative can help you from losing focus on your business while the issue is dealt with. Contact a business attorney of Slater Pugh Ltd. LLP today at to discuss your legal needs and how our qualified legal team can help you.