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Avoiding a Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act Lawsuit

The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act was created to protect consumers from predatory businesses that use false marketing and other lies to sell their service or product. Many companies in the world today take advantage of consumers and make legislation like this necessary. Unfortunately, there are a few companies out there that are being unknowingly deceptive in their marketing. These companies, while ignorant, are innocent, and may be subject to a DTPA lawsuit despite not knowing that they are practicing bad business ethics.

Four Ways to Prevent a DTPA Lawsuit

The utmost best way to avoid a DTPA lawsuit is to be completely truthful in all your marketing strategies. However, as many marketing professors will tell you, being completely truthful may not always be the best marketing platform. Finding a balance between good advertising while still following conscionable business ethics can prove difficult. If you and your company are able to follow the four tips below, your company will have a reduced chance of facing a DTPA lawsuit in court.

  • Do not willfully and deliberately misrepresent the nature of your business or product
  • Consult a Business Law attorney if you feel as if you may be in violation
  • Do not exaggerate any quantifiable facts about your service or product
  • Utilize business practices that only benefit all parties involved, do not try and “win” when it comes to making deals

These are only a few tips that can help prevent a DTPA lawsuit before they happen. At the end of the day, these lawsuits are primarily brought to voracious companies with bad intentions. Many first time offenders that unknowingly fail to adhere to the DTPA typically receive a lot of leniency in court.

Contact a Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act Attorney

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