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Representation For Entrepreneurs

The global success of countless American businesses is built on the creativity and hard work of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. What starts out in a garage can turn into a multibillion-dollar corporation. What begins on a cocktail napkin can culminate in the establishment of an entire industry.

Some entrepreneurs have extraordinary dreams and great plans that need to be nurtured — and protected with wise legal counsel. Perhaps you are one of them.

Nurturing Your Ideas | Protecting Your Interests

We invite you to talk to the attorneys at Adam Pugh about your business matter. Our Austin, Texas, firm serves energetic, growth-driven entrepreneurs looking to solidify and expand their ventures as well as successful small businesses that want to protect what they have already achieved.

We help clients with:

  • Business formation and smart entity selection
  • Questions about partnerships and shareholder agreements
  • Detailed contracts that frame deals clearly and prevent problems
  • The difference between cheap legal forms from the Internet and contracts drafted for you
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes — and alternatives to litigation
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Financing and capital development

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Adam Pugh. LLP is known for providing excellent legal representation to entrepreneurs and small-business owners in Texas and beyond. Contact us for a free initial inquiry regarding your business.

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