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Client Testimonials

Great Results in Construction Litigation

Adam recently represented our construction company in a contract case with great results. Adam is obviously very knowledgeable and appropriately aggressive. He was also realistic in letting us know the strengths and weaknesses of our case and he took the time to explain things to us so we understood what was going on. Can’t say enough about Adam and his firm. I highly recommend him.

– Nancy

Adam Pugh Is a life saver.

I hired Adam in 2014 to handle my bankruptcy case. I was apprehensive about the process because I had never needed a lawyer before. However, Adam quickly put my mind at ease and was very reassuring throughout my entire case. From the day I hired him until the day of the hearing, Adam was with me every step of the way. From responding to phone calls to answering questions, he was very professional, very knowledgeable and also responsive to me as a person. In short, he made me feel confident that my case would have a positive outcome. I was not merely a case to him, but a person and he recognized that. Since then, I have recommended him to four other people. Everyone that I recommended all said that he treated them with courtesy and respect. To this day I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice or counsel.

– Malcom

Thankful to have Adam on my side.

I’ve always shied away from working with attorneys in an attempt to resolve any issues myself. This of course, was prior to working with Adam. He has helped me on several occasions. From simplifying the complexity of the IRS to getting me through various ventures; on and offline. Adam’s experience coupled with his exceptional service has been a blessing for my family and me. I look forward to having him and the firm on my side for many years to come.

– Fadi

I would Recommend Adam Pugh

I have worked with Adam Pugh for the past eight years. I am a partner at a Real Estate Firm, and in a Property Management company. Adam has represented me and my firms on multiple occasions. From HOA issues, TREC complaints, LLC formations, and general counsel. Adam is the first person I call and the only attorney I trust with my business. I feel he always has my best interest at heart, even if I don’t want to hear it. I strongly recommend Adam to my family, friends, and clients.

– Paul

I give Adam Pugh the highest possible recommendation

Adam has been helping me for years on various legal issues associated with my business. He has been successful with everything from collections to defending me against a couple of frivolous lawsuits. Adam is always available and ready to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. All it takes is a phone call to Adam to get top notch legal help. I highly recommend Adam Pugh.

– Ed

Adam Pugh Has Been A Consistent Asset

I’ve been lucky to have Adam in my corner for years now. He has been a consistent asset to my business and my go to guy for any problems that arise. He has specifically helped me tremendously with Employment Law issues. As a small business owner I don’t exactly have the money for an HR person and have little understanding of the nuances myself, so having someone I can come to with questions and to solve issues before they happen such as by drawing up legal termination papers for me, has been a big help to my business.

I hope to have Adam on my team for a very long time.

– Brian

Highly recommend!

I have worked with Adam and his firm for several years now and I couldn’t be happier with their service and knowledge about real estate and association law. Adam has always been available for myself and my clients. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone.

– Crystal

Professional, Friendly, and Effective!

Adam represented me in a business law dispute back in July of 2014. He was a referral from a close family friend who had worked with his firm several years ago.

Adam was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable about my case, as it was weighing pretty heavily on my mind.

After a few months, I got the good news that we got a favorable decision, and I was able to finally bring closure to this major setback.

I would definitely recommend Adam and use him again.

– William

Has represented several businesses for me, on multiple occasions.

Adam has been a go-to resource for me for several years. My business has clients of its own, to whom I comfortably refer to Adam for Legal advice. Adam’s “meta” advice about when to settle and when to push has saved me thousands of dollars. I appreciate that advice that looks at overall structure and strategy, and then guides on the micro-decisions. Highly recommend.

– Kevin

5 star review

I had a great experience with Adam Pugh and his law firm. They were great and always available when I needed them. They helped walk me through the process and obviously knew what they were doing. I am very glad I chose Adam Pugh.

– Joseph

Efficient knowledgeable attorney

Adam walked me through the entire process of forming a non profit organization including the extensive procedures that the IRS require for the approval of a 501(c)3 entity. I would recommend him to anyone and will see him again for future legal needs.

– Jennifer

VERY Pleased with my experience with Adam!

It is never fun to have to go through litigation but I really don’t know what I would have done without Adam there to represent my team. He came highly recommended from a family friend and I cannot say enough good things about the process with Adam and his team. He did a great job of keeping me in the loop with the progress of my case and always made sure to explain the legal jargon in terms I could understand. Thank you again Adam for all your hard work!

– M & A Client

Extremely Professional and Highly Recommended

Adam is one of the most professional business associates I have in my network. He helped us complete our operating agreement, and he also set us up with his personal CPA who was able to re-structure our business to achieve an advantaged, efficient tax position.

– Geoff

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