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The Austin probate lawyers of Adam Pugh, understand that considering one’s own passing or trying to handle a loved one’s assets after their passing can be difficult, and it is often too easy to give these matters less than their due diligence. However, with a skilled professional sensitive to the weight of the situation and familiar with the intricacies of probate law, handling the transference of assets and ownership or putting plans in place for this process can be completed with ease and efficiency.

At Adam Pugh, our legal team is committed to helping people and companies handle every aspect of their probate or estate planning needs. Whether it is assisting families grieving the loss of a loved one to efficiently resolve the probate issues relevant to the deceased’s estate, helping a business transfer ownership and management, or writing up plans and documents to handle such affairs in the event of a death, we can help. To learn more about our probate services and what we can do for you, call our Austin probate lawyers today at 512-596-1295.

Roles Of A Probate Lawyer

Probate law encompasses a number of factors that are essential to effectively managing a deceased person’s estate. Among other issues, our probate attorneys can assist you with the following:

  • Notification of relevant creditors
  • Managing lawsuits pending against the deceased
  • Determining the necessity of property sale in order to settle debts
  • Writing wills
  • Assessing potential estate, gift and inheritance taxes
  • Transference of assets from the deceased to their beneficiaries
  • Settling intestate situations

Handling such matters, whether after someone’s death or prior to, is a highly sensitive matter that requires the care and delicacy of a trained legal professional. At our law office, you can rest assured that the various details of estate settlement will be professionally managed with a firm attention to detail and compassion for all parties involved.

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As planning for the future of your estate after death or managing the estate of someone close to you after their death is something not many people wish to consider, estate planning often gets pushed off, making matters more complicated down the road. Fortunately, the assistance of a compassionate attorney can make managing and handling an estate in such a situation less difficult and remove much of the burden from you and everyone involved, while also efficiently and effectively resolving the practical issues facing the family or company. For a free consultation with an experienced Texas probate attorney, contact Adam Pugh, today.

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