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Did You Lose Your Travis County Property Tax Appeal?


Are your property taxes too high? Did your protest against the Appraisal Review Board not get results? We handle tax appraisal cases in which the county’s Appraisal District overvalues your property and forces you to pay more property taxes. In the current system, once an owner’s property is appraised by the county’s Appraisal District, the owner is allowed to file a protest to the valuation. These protests are heard by an administrative body called an Appraisal Review Board. Often, owners may not be satisfied with the Appraisal Review Board’s decision. That’s where we come in. We file suits against Appraisal Districts and fight to reduce the appraised value of your property, thereby reducing your property taxes. We have a good record in this type of litigation, and rarely end up going to trial. As a bonus, your property has a lower baseline for future appraisals, so you may end up saving on your taxes in the future as well.

Most people think hiring an attorney is expensive and cumbersome. There are no fees unless we successfully lower your appraisal except for the approximate $250 court filing fee. Give us a call today at (737) 261-0602 to discuss your options.

*Normal Travis County filing and process service fees apply.

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