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Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes can be stressful because the stakes are often high, and real estate can seem complicated and technical to the layperson. If you need a Texas lawyer with outstanding real estate knowledge and substantial litigation experience to help you resolve a dispute, talk to Adam Pugh, in Austin, Texas.

Business-minded attorneys David G. Slater and Adam Pugh have handled a wide array of real estate lawsuits and are comfortable in the courtroom, but many clients choose us because of our creativity. We are capable of solving many problems without having to take clients through the drama of full-scale litigation. We recognize that in many cases, real estate problems can be solved more cost-effectively through wise negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other methods.

Disputes And Litigation: Solving Problems With A Big Set Of Tools

Disputes can arise in many real estate contexts. Attorneys David G. Slater and Adam Pugh have extensive experience handling litigated business matters, including contract disputes and other problematic issues. Much of our real estate practice involves:

  • Guiding businesses through purchase/sale deals with problematic real estate components
  • Advising buyers and sellers with residential real estate deals that have become contentious
  • Representing tenants and landlords in disputes stemming from problematic commercial leases
  • Clearing roadblocks in the purchase, sale and development of commercial real estate
  • Addressing boundary disputes, title disputes and other technical issues

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At Adam Pugh, we understand that real estate litigation can take many forms. We can help you resolve your real estate matter. Contact us for a free consultation.

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